Continental Extreme Winter Contact Winter Tires | Mazda


Winter studless tire designed for excellent snow and ice traction. Performs superbly on dry and wet pavement in cold temperatures.

As temperatures drop below 7 degrees, so does an all-season tire's ability to grip the road- translating into longer stopping distances and less driving control. The ExtremeWinterContactTM is built to conquer the road with confidence- even in the coldest winter weathers.


  • Compact outside tread with elevated lateral grooves
  • Inclined longitudinal grooves
  • Maximum void and grip edges in center contact patch with traction ridges in grooves
  • High sipe density. Highly flexible compound


  • Improved dry handling
  • Swift Removal of water
  • Excellent traction and braking on snow
  • Reduced braking distances in snow and ice

Warranty Information:

  • BASIC COVERAGE: Eligible Tires are covered by this Limited Warranty and Adjustment Policy for a maximum of 72 months from the date of purchase, determined by the new vehicle registration date or new vehicle sales invoice showing date of purchase. The purchase of Continental brand tires provides an extra measure of confidence with the support of the Total Confidence Plan. The Total Confidence Plan is a comprehensive package of all available warranties and services including: Limited Warranty, Flat Tire Roadside Assistance, Customer Satisfaction Trial, Tread Wearout Coverage (if applicable) and Road Hazard Coverage.
    - For more information, visit Continental's website warranty policy here.

2014/2015/2016/2017 Mazda 6

- Tire only. Alloy Wheel not included. 

- The sizes listed below along with the model and trim of the vehicle refers to the tire sizing that fits that specific vehicle, but depending on your trim, it may be an upside or downsize for your specific vehicle. 
- If you choose to upsize or downsize, then the corresponding wheel size must also be purchased.  
- If you are unsure of sizing or tire fitment, please contact us and we'll be happy to help you out!

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