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WeatherTech Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame

Say goodbye to flimsy frames! Upgrade your vehicle with this sleek, 100% pure carbon fiber license plate frame. The WeatherTech Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame is the perfect accessory for any vehicle!

The WeatherTech Carbon Fiber license plate frame is manufactured with 3K Carbon Fiber material (graphite), the same material used in military jets and race cars, to create the lightest and toughest frame around. The pre-impregnated Carbon Fiber is made using thin crystalline filaments of carbon making the material stronger than steel at a fraction of the weight.

Each layer of the Carbon Fiber License Plate Frame is hand laid into our precision machined aluminum molds by a skilled laminator. Once they’ve completed assembly, the frames are put into a press cell and heated under extreme pressure to cure the resins. This process eliminates any possibility of trapped air bubbles or voids, and ensures that all the carbon fiber layers are securely sealed to one another.


  • 3K Carbon Fiber Woven Prepreg license plate frame
  • Ultra lightweight - stronger than steel and lighter than aluminum
  • Sleek, modern and clean look
  • Perfect for the performance aficionado
  • Attractive statement piece for virtually any vehicle
  • Simple to install (includes hardware for most applications)
  • Designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA
  • High clarity, UV stable and resistant to water and common automotive fluid

Special Notes

  • Subject to availability. Please allow minimum lead time of 3-7 business days after ordering