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Welcome Lamp (Foot Lamp Illumination) | Mazda CX-5 (2022-2023)

Installation Options

Make getting into and out of your Mazda CX-5 beautiful, with the Welcome Lamp Illumination. The lamps on both sides of the body illuminate the feet near the doors with a white light which helps getting in and out of the vehicle at night.


  • Aids with vehicle entry and exit
  • White colour lighting
  • Lights up when the door is unlocked/door open/ignition off
  • Lighting time can be set with Mazda Connect
    • 7.5 seconds
    • 15 seconds
    • 30 seconds
    • 60 seconds
  • Part #: KB7W-V7-050A

    Special Notes

    • Applicable model years:
      • Mazda CX-5: 2022, 2023