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  • Satellite Navigation SD Card | Mazda CX-50 (2023-2024)

    Mazda's will always get you there. Mazda's satellite navigation will not let your adventure come to a dead end. Get where you need to go with Mazda’s fully integrated Navigation SD Card that works seamlessly with your Mazda Connect System. Bringing you turn by turn directions, route highlighting, active road name display, advanced lane guidance, intuitive voice recognition and much more – all displayed on your car’s screen. Plug and play.


    • For use with the brilliant Mazda Connect System 
    • Satellite navigation - you'll never lose your way
    • Advanced lane guidance, intuitive voice recognition
    • Plug and play
    • Includes: Mazda Connect SD card only
    • Part #:
      • VA54-66-EZ1 or,
      • TD2K-66-EZ1(x)
        Where x = part update letter (incl. being blank)
        • Possible Part Numbers (incl. superseded):
          • VA54-66-EZ1
          • TD2K-66-EZ1, TD2K-66-EZ1A, TD2K-66-EZ1B

    Special Notes

    • All navigation cards are sold as a final sale item as the SD card automatically registers to a single vehicle once installed. Therefore, there are no refunds or returns for all Navigation SD Cards.
    • This SD card cannot be used on first generation Mazda Connect systems
    • The SD card will be different depending on your vehicle model year
    • Applicable models:
      • 2023, 2024