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Solid Hub-Centric Rings (Set of Four)

Ensure that your new wheels fit your ride with a set of Solid Hub Rings!

Aftermarket wheels are often made with the capabilities to fit onto many different makes and models which is achieved with the wheel having a larger centre bore diameter. 

Even if your new wheels have the same bolt pattern as your vehicle, installing the new wheel without these rings means that the wheel will not be perfectly centred onto your vehicle's wheel hub. Vibrations can be felt at higher speeds and if they are prolonged, not only will your drives be hindered with discomfort, but they can lead to premature wear on your vehicle's drivetrain components.

These hubcentric rings are designed to fill the gap between your vehicle's wheel hub and the centre bore of the wheel, ensuring true centering of the wheel. This helps minimize vibrations and enhances driver confidence and vehicle performance!

Outer Diameter (mm)
Inner Diameter (mm)


  • Black finish
  • Made of heat resistant plastic
  • Strong, durable and lightweight
  • Available in a variety of diameter conversions