Engine Block Heater | Mazda 6 (2014/2015/2016/2017)

Don’t get caught shivering and rubbing your hands together for warmth in the cold Canadian weather, as you attempt to turn your Mazda 6 on. When temperatures drop, the oil your engine use thickens, causing less oil flow to run the engine which causes more work and friction - wearing out your engine, starter and battery parts faster. Block heaters warms your engine coolant which warms the engine block and oil and in return, helps reduce stress to your engine, battery, starter motor and more. A warm engine reduces your Mazda 6's emission and also uses less fuel.


  • Ease engine start-up and warm your Mazda 6 faster in extremely cold weathers
  • Ensures faster defrosting of windows
  • Protects and reduces stress to your engine, starter and battery from wearing out quicker
  • Reduces idling which reduces fuel consumption and emissions
  • Simple, easy to use 
  • Includes: Block Heater, Harness, and Cable Ties

Part #: 0000-88-SKM6-CA

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