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Falken Tire SINCERA SN250 All-Season Tire

Falken Tire's long lasting All-Season Performance Touring Tire.

Specifically designed to provide class-leading durability, all-season performance and ride comfort, the SINCERA SN250 All-Season truly delivers. Using Falken's proprietary Dynamic Range Technology (DRT), the SN250 A/S ensures maximum grip at a wider range of operating temperatures for exception dry and wet traction. Strategically placed tread blocks balance harmonics to reduce tire noise for an impressively quiet ride. 


  • Compatible Vehicles:
  • Year-Round Handling
    3D Canyon Sipe Techonology increasing edges for enhanced ice braking and all-weather handling while the design's interlocking characteristics form a more solids tread block under load for excellent dry weather performance

  • Longer Tread Life
    Symmetrical rib design created to optimize even wear

  • Additional Grip in Light Snow
    Angled tread grooves on every tread rib add void for packed snow

  • All-Season Drivability
    3D Canyon Sipe Technology increases edges for enhanced ice braking and all-weather handling. High sipe density for enhanced all-season drivability

  • Enhanced Stability and Handling
    The solid center rib minimize the effects of road wander caused by surface defects

  • Wet Weather Performance
    Four circumferential grooves evacuate water and enhance hydroplane resistance

  • Dynamic Range Technology
    DRT incorportates a Falken-exclusive silica tread compound that allows the rubber to remain pliable at low temperatures, increasing grip in wet, snow and icy conditions. During dry conditions, as the rubber heats up, chemical bonds remain strong.

  • Tension Control Technology
    Falken's proprietary casing mold shape provides a more flexible middle sidewall area to absorb shock while providing enhanced handling capability via the rigid outside shoulder tread and bead area of the sidewall

    Special Notes

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    • Wheels not included