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  • Hitch Mount Bike Carrier, 4 Bikes | Thule Vertex (9029)

    Limited Quantities Available

    Travel the roads on four and two wheels. Bring up to four bicycles to your favourite destination with Mazda's secure bicycle carrier hitch mount. The hinged arms allows for effortless loading and unloading of bicycles without accidentally scratching your Mazda. 

    Installation Options


    • Unique arc design for easier bike loading and carrying performance
    • High mast height for improved ground clearance
    • New Hold Fast Cradles cushion bike and provide maximum bike security
    • Anti-Sway Cages prevent bike-to-bike and bike-to-vehicle contact
    • New and improved Hitch Switch folds arms down when not in use and tilts carrier away from vehicle for trunk, hatch or tailgate access
    • Integrated handle for easy carrying and handling
    • Fits both 1.25" and 2" hitch receiver
    • Part #: 0000-RD-9029 or 0000-8E-Z20
      Installation Instructions

    Special Notes

    • Hitch with either 1.25" or 2" Receiver is required
    • Loads up to four (4) bikes
    • Load capacity: 63 kg (140 lb)
    • Weight: 18.1 kg (40lb)
    • Non-standard bike frames without a top cross bar may require the use of a frame adapter

    Warnings & Limitations

    • Never drive with any lock, knob or rack in an open or unlocked position
    • Check tightness of all bolts and knobs periodically
    • Check straps for wear and replace if worn
    • Not intended for off-road use
    • Not intended for tandems or recumbents
    • Do not install on a trailer or other towed vehicle
    • Failure to use strap may result in loss of bicycles
    • Load heaviest bike closest to the vehicle and lightest bike last
    • Remove your rack and accessories when they are not in use and before entering automatic car washes
    • For safety to your vehicle and rack system, obey all posted speed limits and traffic cautions
    • Adapt your speed to the conditions of the road and the load being carried
    • Drive slowly over speed bumps 8-16 km/h (5-10 mph) maximum
    • Do not transport bicycles with attached baby seats, panniers, wheel covers or full bike covers
    • Set screw located on underside of the main backbone must remain installed. If screw is not in place there is a risk the bike tray can slide off the rack if not tightened properly