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Mazda OEM Center Cap (100th Anniversary - Gloss Black & Red)

Make your Mazda unique with these special edition 100th Anniversary Centre Caps! The limited Mazda Special Edition models feature these 100th Anniversary Special Logo centre caps. This special logo overlays the current Mazda brand symbol atop the round “Industry” logo created when Toyo Kogyo, the former company name of Mazda, was first firmed. The design reflects the company's desire – inherited from its founder – to contribute to the world through engineering and its determination to strive proudly toward the next 100 years.

Vehicle Model

These centre caps finished in are in gloss black with a deep red highlighting the Toyo Kogyo logo. The current Mazda emblem along with the special text are finished in a chrome, with the whole piece clear-coated and designed to undergo the toughest conditions. Mazda's wheel centre caps will protect the spindle nuts and bearings at the wheel's centre by keeping dirt, grit, gravel and other debris from flying in and damaging these components. Meanwhile, the unique shape will make sure your vehicle stands out from the rest!


  • Mazda design for OEM Mazda wheels
  • Lightweight, high durability
  • Gloss Black Finish
  • Chrome Mazda emblem
  • Red Toyo Kogyo emblem
  • Chrome highlights and text:
    • 100 YEARS
    • 1920 - 2020
  • Part #:
    • 5-lug Wheel: BP11-37-190
    • 4-Lug Wheel: DJ15-37-190 (MX-5 specific)

Special Notes

  • Center Caps are sold individually