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Mud Guards, Front | Mazda MX-5 & MX-5 PRHT (2006-2008)

Don’t let your journey end with a trip to the paint shop. Help protect your Mazda MX-5’s finish from rocks and other road debris with Mazda's durable, impact resistant mud guards. Tested to withstand harsh conditions and strong impacts, these guards remain standing strong by your side. 


  • All weather, durable material offering devoted protection
  • Prevents paint chips that leads to rust
  • Reduces slush, mud and road debris splatter on your Mazda MX-5
  • Easily cleaned
  • Includes front guards (set of 2)
  • Available in the OEM factory color of your MX-5*
  • Part #: N121-V3-450F-XX


  • Rear mud guards can be found here
  • Cannot be installed in conjunction with Side Sills
  • *Unfortunately unavailable in the following colours:
    • Winning Blue (27B)
    • Nordic Green Mica (27C)
    • Icy Blue Metallic (33Y)
    • Stormy Blue Mica (35J)
    • Marble White (A5M)
    • Highland Green Mica (35K)