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  • Sub-Radiator Coolant Tank | Mazdaspeed3 (2007-2009)

    The Radiator Coolant Overflow Reservoir Expansion Tank is an important part of your Mazdaspeed3's coolant recovery system. This system ensures that the coolant is kept within the system as it will collect the expanding coolant heated by the engine, and once it is cooled down, it will recycle the coolant back into the system. 


    • Keep your Engine Coolant system running properly to ensure no leaks or loss of coolant!
    • High quality OEM Mazda Sub-Radiator Coolant Tank
    • Includes: Sub-Radiator Coolant Tank
    • Part #: L33X-15-350E

    Special Notes

    • Applicable model years:
      • Mazdaspeed3: 2007, 2008, 2009

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